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C series standard injection molding machine

Direct Clamping Series

C series standard injection molding machine through ten years of development, the main product is Wang Li, Wang Li is the embodiment of the main technical advantages. The unique four-cylinder model with hydraulic clamping structure, high efficiency, precision, safety, energy saving, durable. The collection consists of 12 models, clamping force from 300KN ~ 6300KN widely used in the relative precision plastic products.

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Injection system
1、Bench-type injection unit has a high rigidity. This design eliminates all the hard abrasion between screw and barrel due to deformation of the guide rod during plasticizing and injection.
2、Good universal performance: Configuration with three different spec. of the barrel and screw. The user can change the different diameter screw conveniently.
3、Double cylinder injection in balance with high-power, the injection can be rotated for easy replacement and maintenance.
4、The position adjustment of screw and nozzle can be convenient, exact and reliable.
5、The Italian brand high torque hydraulic motor.
6、Five-stage injecting pressure and speeding, three-stage holding pressure and speed, both can ensue different workmanship requirement.
7、Multi-stage computer automatic temperature controller, fault indication and detection of the thermocouple.
8、Automatically detecting function for the nozzle clogging and overflow.
9、The screw has the anti-cold device and low-temperature alarming.
10、Adapt to backpressure oil gauge, and no material alarm function.
11、Linear electronic ruler precision measure and control the injecting.
12、The screw and barrel made of Alloy 38CrMoAIA. The accessories are come from Japan original packing, and hardness and wear resistance can ensure the quality and service life.

Clamping system
1、The hydraulic circuit of the four big clamping cylinders are interconnected each other in the fully hydraulic clamping structure. Mold moving and clamping can be operated synchronously to give a well-distributed stress to the mold. The position is mad according to the mold parting face to realize the best stability and accurate of repeatability.
2、The clamping force can be set by the computer and the data setting will not be affected by any environment temperature.
3、Four-stage control the open/close mold speed, pressure and position, High speed, stability and low noise.
4、The clamping force feedback control and low down to 30% of the original value when the pressure holding is finished. The clamping force will continuously decline to zero before the mold opening. The internal stress will be removed and can shock absorption, ensure the finish of the product.
5、Ejector by hydraulic central, speed and pressure can be adjusted.
6、The small hydraulic cylinders drive the mold moving fast and the big clamping hydraulic cylinders are driven by recycle hydraulic circuit. So this type of machine has the highest speed than the other same one.
7、Internal lubrication system, no lubrication grease and suit for the cleaner production;
8、Strong adaptive function, convenient to replace the mold without adjustment.
9、Single pump boosting circuit is adopted, high-pressure slippage pump to make up pressure oil for the clamping cylinder is unnecessary during pressure holding, which will save more than 20% energy compared with other machines.
10、Linear electronic ruler precision measure and control the open/close mold stroke and the ejection stroke.
11、The pressure amplifying section is inexistent, with ultra sensitive low-pressure mold protection function. ( can testing by the cotton threads)
12、An extra extension opening stroke of 1/3 longer than other common machine establishes an exclusive advantage at the long core products.
13、Lowest mechanical abrasion, service life is twice times than the hinge systems.
14、Well-distributed stress to the mold, reduce the pressure time and extend the service life about 50% for the mold.

Electrical control system
1. Model LCD controller of Brand techmation is equipped by series C,E, and H to monitor and set multi-stage parameter of pressure and flux of the hydraulic control system. Each stage of the item has a monitoring position and a value range from 0~99 to meet manifold requirements of adjustment and monitor for various technological process.
2. Austria KEBA LCD touch screen controller is equipped on F series to realize instant feedback and accurate control, and fully closed loop control for global injection process.
3. KEBA system controls the opening and clamping, injection and pressure hold and ensures the proper running of the whole machine.
4. Complete curvilinear management system of quality control and supervision helps the operator guarantee the quality.
5. Intelligent and friendly control panel helps the operator adjust the process parameters whenever.

Hydraulic system
1. The advanced famous elements and devices are equipped to the hydraulic system. The integrated hydraulic control system is composed by combination valve of proportion-pressure-flux and other function valve controlled by the computer. According to the value of pressure, speed, time and position set by the computer, the system adjusts the pressure and flux of the executing elements to realize high precise and sensitive electric-hydraulic controls. The differential hydraulic circuit drives the opening and closing action. The clamping force fluctuates up or down along with the injection pressure which will increase the speed but save the energy consumption. The clamping cylinders are controlled by a built-in cartridge valve to speed the mold-moving, get the best sensitivity and lower the circuit wastage.
2. The pressure and flux controlled by hydraulic system can be set discretionarily from the range of 0~99 to meet different technological requirements of various plastic materials and to reduce the power loss.
3. Hydraulic circuit filtration system is installed. High pressure filter is relative specially aiming at the performance of the F series.

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